Rotorua Hospital Chaplaincy Department
Ph 07 3497955
    ext 8793
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Rev Allan Hawea


Miyoko Hammersley
Catholic Chaplain
 Alison Lamberton

Other Team members

Allen Foote
Juleen Foote
Kathy Horgan
Melly Allom
Peter Lindop
Timothy Lee
Damian Robertson
Dick Everts
Sally French
Mary Wright
Sharon Stuart
Daniel RikiRiki
Gaynor Lincoln


You may want to call a Chaplain if...

You are feeling lonely or upset                                      You are feeling grateful

You have a problem you want to talk about          You are going to have surgery

You would like to receive the special ministries of your Church

You want someone to pray with you                         You need an advocate

 You just need some support



To contact a Chaplain:

If you would like to contact a Chaplain, please phone 3497955 ext 8793 or 349 7853 or   CLICK HERE



Sunday Services

   Are held in the Chapel, on the ground floor by the Children’s Ward
At 10.30am

The Chapel is open each day for prayer or meditation